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I was looking for some opinion on the Seinheiser 580's. Soon I'll need a sound system for my college computer and since colleges in general don't like loud speaker systems I decided to buy headphones instead. The review at FS was really good, although on headphone.com (or is that headphones.com) I saw that Seinheiser was discontinuing the 580's in favor of the 590's which did not get as good of a rating from them. (I would buy the 600's but I'm not a cash machine) Incidently, I listen to a LOT of classical music, but play the occisional UT or Q3.I've also heard good things about the Sony headphones in General,

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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For closet hezdphones ,try listening to Audiotechnica .
For open headphones , try Grado.
Hard to have an opinion about headphones if you only heard 1 or 2... Thers are so many  great manufaturors ...

There is also Koss , Beyer dynamic ....and many more

My favorites  :  open system - Grado
                        :  closed system - Audiotechnica

Brst regards.