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Aankondiging op High end event in München

Gestart door robstuart, 16 maart 2023, 18:55:55

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16 maart 2023, 18:55:55 Laatste wijziging: 16 maart 2023, 19:00:15 door robstuart
Aankondiging van een mogelijk voor audiofreaks interessant product op High End Event in München van 18-21 mei 2023:

AKM will demonstrate the innovative 64-bit signal processing technology of the AK4191.
Feel the spatially immersive sound created by the technology with the Latest flagship audio DAC solution,
the VELVET SOUND | VERITA AK4191 and AK4499EX.

The AK4191 has integrated 64-bit signal processing technology for the first time in 15 years since the 32-
bit DAC released in 2007. When used in conjunction with the world's highest analog performance D/A
converter (DAC), the AK4499EX (S/N : 135dB and THD : -124dB) the system reproduces all musical
information, down to the most minute detail, to achieve a "sound as if you were there" experience.

Hierbij de beursuitnodiging die ik ontving, in pdf-formaat: klik
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